Is My Stream Up?

Be the first to know about a downed stream or dead air

Affordable silence detection is now available!

Your audience and advertisers expect 24/7 uptime from you. Our automated service monitors your services 24/7 and notifies you when they go down.

Now you can get alerts when you’re broadcasting dead air. Engineers have been asking for an affordable silence detection solution that works with any provider - here it is.

IsMyStreamUp is a service backed and provided by StreamGuys, Inc. Use our monitoring service with YOUR streaming media provider. We want everyone to have access to a premier monitoring service regardless of provider!

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With month-to-month service and immediate provisioning, there's no reason to let your streams go unmonitored.


Silence Monitors

Dead air is just as bad as a downed stream to listeners, but basic stream checks don’t monitor for silence. Our silence detection monitors will listen to your stream and alert you based on customized decibel levels and duration. Silence detection works on HLS, Icecast, Shoutcast and RTMP.

Availability Checks

These monitor for dropped streams. You will be alerted if your encoder disconnected or your service provider went down. Use our one minute checks to find out about issues before your listeners have time to send you an email! Five minute checks are default.

Unlimited Contacts

We offer unlimited contacts so you can get the whole team in the loop on issues. SMS alerting is available depending on your wireless provider. Set up both email and SMS for mission critical alerts.

Global Network

With accessible nodes in regions across the globe, Availability Checks can be deployed to identify regional issues, verify and validate geo-restricted content, and ensure that should one node have a problem, other nodes will ensure your content is monitored 24/7

Our Pricing

Base Package

$10 / Month
4 Checks. Unlimited Contacts.
  • 4 Availability Checks
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • 5 minute default, All Regions


Mission critical success.
  • $10 Silence Monitors per Region
  • $2 Additional Availability Checks
  • $2 One Minute Check Upgrades

Important FAQ

Your questions, answered.

You will be billed monthly for all recurring charges to your subscription. This monthly cycle will begin on the day that you successfully create an account with us, renewed every 20th, and billed through our trusted payment processor, Recurly. See 'How do I get Add-Ons for my subscription?' below for more information on the billing impact of Add-Ons.

No. All billing information related to your account is hosted and stored by Recurly, a PCI Level 1 Provider. The only time we handle your information is when you wish to update your billing information in your User Account, in which we request your non-card related information from Recurly in order to display it and allow you to update it. Your updated information is securely transmitted to Recurly and updated in your account, without IsMyStreamUp ever processing specific details.

Once you have made a purchase of our base product offering, a User account will be created in our Alerting Service's Dashboard on your behalf. Once you access this account, you may add, edit, or remove Alerts and Contacts as you see fit.

Disclaimer: Any changes made to your account will be immediately reflected in the cost of your subscription, i.e. adding a new Contact will cause a $5 pro-rated fee to be charged to your account. All pricing changes will be reflected on a pro-rated basis based on the duration remaining in your billing cycle.

If you remove or modify an Alert or Contact, the appropriate reduction in subscription price will be applied to your account as a pro-rated credit. This credit will not be immediately refunded to your billing method, instead being applied to the next invoice generated against your account, i.e. removing a Contact half way through your billing cycle will result in a $2.50 credit to be applied.

Once you have configured your Alerts through our Alerting Service's Dashboard, our system will automatically begin checking. Whether on a 5 minute or 1 minute interval, our system will monitor your Alert's source and notify all contacts of service changes. When a check fails, we will reattempt in short succession before sending an alert. You'll also receive an alert when your source goes back online.

To provide the simplest, most reliable, and cost effective service possible, IsMyStreamUp has made the decision to support audio only Icecast/Shoutcast streams and Web Page checks for Availability Checks. As with any growing service, we highly value feedback and input from our customer base about their needs and desires as the service expands. Contact us!.

For each region an Alert is configured to be in, your Alert will be provisioned and serviced via our high availability network in those regions. If US-Central sends you an alert that there's a problem with your stream, but UK-London has yet to do so, you may be able to quickly identify regional issues for your properties. This can also be helpful in determining whether or not geo-restrictions for your streams are working properly.

Our system will constantly monitor the content of your stream searching for a period of silence that exceeds your desired noise threshold and duration. When that period of silence is detected, you will receive an alert that it happened. Common stream formats supported currently: Icecast, HLS, RTMP